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Reliable Whole-House Backup Generators

When Mother Nature strikes, will you be ready? With a reliable portable backup generator, you'll avoid wasting hundreds of dollars of perishable foods, and you'll have critical access to backup power in the event that your grid remains down for hours or days on end. Contact us for a FREE installation estimate. We guarantee competitive prices!

Keep the lights on 24/7

A whole-house backup generator does exactly what it sounds like: It restores power to your entire house in the event your main supply gets cut off.


No matter the reason for an outage, your backup generator will keep your appliances running, preserving your food and allowing you to enjoy your home in comfort until power can be restored publicly.

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At Major League Electric, we install Generac generators. Generac is a leader in the backup power industry, offering a myriad of convenient features that ensure your home stays lit, comfortable, and connected.

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